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The sheriff is the chief executive officer and conservator of the peace of the county.
RCW 36.28.010
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If making a request for any document and/or record from the records department, it must be made to the “Records Custodians” of our agency.

This can be be done by emailing us or by coming into our office at 110 2nd Street NE, Suite 200, East Wenatchee, WA, during normal business hours.

Requests made to anyone other than the "Records Custodians" will not comply with the statutory requirements of the Public Records Act, RCW 42.56.520

Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal

Douglas County's First Sheriff
Sheriff Pierpoint

Sheriff's Message


The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s help in solving a burglary that occurred on 08/22/13,  in Bridgeport WA. (Case number 13D04138) 32 firearms, bows, arrows, ammunition and other outdoor equipment were stolen in the burglary.    Most of the firearms were rare, custom and very unique weapons. The victim of the burglary and the Sheriff’s Office is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved in the burglary.   The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is asking for gun dealers, pawn shops, gun shows and gun owners, and citizens to be on the lookout for the below listed weapons that were stolen in the burglary.

List of stolen guns:
  1. Blaser R-93 bolt action rifle, .375 caliber, with a black and green synthetic stock and a Zeiss Victory scope 3.5-10X42; Serial Number J17187.
  2. Steyr Mannlichen bolt action rifle, model SM-12 with a Swarovski Z3 3-10X42 scope; serial number 3048005, one of three in U.S.
  3. Mannlicher, Duett  hinge breach over under, rifle shotgun combo.  30.06/12 gauge caliber, walnut and blued.  Serial number 3049063.  Only one in U.S.
  4. Auschutz 1517 bolt action rifle.  .17HMR caliber.   Has a Cabellas 3-9X scope.  Serial number 3126580
  5. Smith and Wesson revolver model 10, .38 special, with black rubber laser grip.
  6. Marlin 1985 custom lever action rifle, by Charlie Sisk  .45-70 caliber.
  7. Tikka T# 7mm Mag. With Leopold 2.5-8X35 silver scope. Serial number C74522
  8. Thompson/Center Contender .500 S&W carbine, Stainless with Synthetic stock
  9. Sake Kodiak, bolt action stainless steel rifle with gray laminate stock, .375 H&H caliber, open sights and Bushnell 6500 scope.  Serial number A83929
  10. Springfield 1903 bolt action rifle, 30.06 caliber. Walnut and blued, Target rifle with receiver sights.
  11. Kimber bolt action, heavy barreled target rifle, model 84M, black stock, blued rifle, .308 caliber, 6-18X scope.  Two possible serial numbers, 84M LPTKM22405 or, 84M LPTKM22416.
  12. HS Precision bolt action rifle, pro-series, .223 caliber, green synthetic stock blued barrel.  Heavy target rifle with scope.
  13. Rock River Arms, LAR8 Varmint AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle, .308 caliber, black synthetic stock, stainless steel 26 inch barrel, bright finish, with Leopold 6.5-20X scope.  Serial number ACM002568.
  14. Rock River Arms, LAR-8, AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle, .308 caliber, black synthetic stock, 20 inch barrel.  Serial number ACM001089.
  15. Stag arms, AR-15 style, semi-Automatic rifle, .556 caliber, black synthetic stock.
  16. Thompson/Center, Contender, single shot pistol, .17 HMR caliber, walnut with blued 9 inch barrel, with scope.
  17. Thompson/Center Contender, single shot pistol, .375 JDJ caliber, walnut with blued 9 inch barrel with scope.
  18. Marlin 1895 336 M lever action rifle.  Gray laminate stock, stainless steel barrel, with scope.  .338 ME caliber. Serial number  XLR 93232048
  19. Marlin 1895 .336 M lever action rifle.  Gray laminate stock, stainless steel barrel with scope .  .308 caliber.  Serial number  XLR92212214
  20. Magnum Research custom Remington 700, bolt action, heavy barrel rifle with Leopold 4.5-14X50 scope, .6.5 creedmoor caliber, 26 inch barrel.   Gray synthetic stock, blued barrel.
  21. Remington 700 custom bolt action rifle, heavy 26 inch barrel.  Tan synthetic stock.  .338 Norma Caliber.  Leopold 4.5-14X50 scope.
  22. Mossberg bolt action shotgun, 20 gauge, hard wood stock, blued barrel, adjustable choke.
  23. Iver Johnson 12 gauge single shot shotgun with exposed hammer.
  24. Savage .22 LR single shot rifle, 16 inch barrel, hardwood stock, blued.  Serial number 1054247.
  25. Ruger AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle, model SR556-VT.  .223 caliber, 26 inch stainless steel barrel, black synthetic stock, trijicon variable power scope.  Serial number 590-44824
  26. Kimber bolt action rifle, model SVT, gray laminate stock, stainless 18 inch barrel.  .22 caliber.  Scoped heavy short –barreled rifle.
  27.  Rock River Arms AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle, Model, R-4. Black synthetic stock . .556 caliber, 16 inch barrel.  Serial number CM129785.
  28. Tikka bolt action rifle, model T3, 7mm Remington magnum, Black synthetic stock, blue 24 inch barrel with Leopold silver variable scope 2.5-8X36.
  29.  Thompson/Center Contender, single shot rifle, black synthetic stock, stainless 20 inch barrel, 50 S&W caliber
  30. Marlin (Sick)  1895 lever action rifle, walnut stock, blued 24 inch barrel, 45-70 caliber, custom rifle scope, Leopold 1-4X.
  31. Ruger American bolt action rifle, .30.06 caliber, with scope, Serial number 690-01377.
  32. Ruger American bold action rifle, .30.06 caliber, no scope, serial number 690-02636.
If you have information about the burglary or know of anyone trying to distribute firearms under suspicious circumstances, please contact Detective Steve Groseclose at (509) 888-6820/(509) 668-5220 or RiverCom Dispatch at (509)663-9911. With the public’s help we believe these guns can be recovered and returned to the rightful owner.    The presence of these firearms in the hands of criminals creates a grave risk to law enforcement officers and our citizens.

Below are actual photographs of the stolen guns.

Very Respectfully, Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal

Douglas County Washington contains 1820 square miles with a population of approximately 32,600 people.  The Sheriff's office employs 27 commissioned and 7 non-commissioned personnel.

Our department is dedicated to providing effective and efficient law enforcement services; protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Douglas County; and ensuring the protection of all persons constitutional rights. The Sheriff is the chief executive officer and conservator of the peace of the county as directed under RCW 36.28

The men and women of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office are committed to serving the people of Douglas County. We have adopted a philosophy of community oriented policing in which we work in partnership with our citizens, community organizations, and other public service agencies to solve problems and create a safe and healthy environment for all. To be effective we need the assistance and cooperation of the people we serve.

We welcome your input and hope the information contained in this website is helpful.

Harvey Gjesdal Sheriff
Email the Sheriff

If you are in a troubled relationship please contact SAGE at (509)663-7446. or at If you have been the victim of a crime immediately dial 9-1-1.

Possible Stolen and Recovered Property

If you can identify any of these items as belonging to you, or have additional information, you can call Kelly Soltwisch at 888-6851.

Recovered Property

Citizens and Deputies occasionally find property for which we are unable to identify the owner. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office also recovers property during the execution of Search Warrants. We are including photographs of that property on our website in an effort to return found and recovered property to the rightful owner.

If you believe one of the photographs depicts property you own, please contact the Douglas County Sheriff's Office and provide either; the law enforcement case number related to your initial report of loss, or the items serial number or other identifying marking.

We are unable to release property to a person who cannot prove ownership.

Click this Link to view Photographs