Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Dedication Commitment Service
The sheriff is the chief executive officer and conservator of the peace of the county.
RCW 36.28.010
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R.C.W. 7.64

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office mandates that we receive all of the required paperwork and advance deposit listed below.  It must be submitted and reviewed by the Chief Civil Deputy before we will accept and execute your Order.  Please review the requirements below. If you have any questions or concerns we would encourage you to contact Chief Civil Deputy Kelly Soltwisch, or Records Supervisor Rhonda Pickering at (509) 884-0941.

  1. Advance Payment of $200.00 is required at the time the paperwork is submitted to the Sheriff
  2. Duties of Plaintiff or Plaintiff’s Attorney--- Upon receipt of the Order Awarding Possession or Writ of Replevin, the plaintiff shall provide the Sheriff’s Office with:
    1. One certified copy of the order awarding possession and a copy of the bond to the defendant. Also, three additional copies (non-certified), one for our file, one for each defendant.
    2. A brief letter to the Sheriff indicating: (a) phone contact numbers for contact persons that can handle arrangements on picking up the property; (b) if necessary, details on towing, storage, or moving companies to use; (C) value of the property.
    3. Bond of Indemnity to the sheriff. The Sheriff’s Bond is to be twice the value of the property we are to seize or $5,000.00 minimum. (RCW 36.28.050. made payable to Harvey Gjesdal, Sheriff of Douglas County.

An order awarding possession shall: (a) State that a show cause hearing was held; (b) describe the property and its location; (c) direct the sheriff to take possession of the property and put the plaintiff in possession as provided in this chapter; (d) contain a notice to the defendant that failure to turn over possession of the property to the sheriff may subject the defendant to being held in contempt of court upon application to the court by the plaintiff without further notice; (e) if deemed necessary, direct the sheriff to break and enter a building or enclosure to obtain possession of the property if it is concealed in the building or enclosure; (7.64.035(2) and (f) be signed by the judge or commissioner.

ONLY if the Order Awarding Possession so directs, does the Sheriff have the power to break in and enter. (7.64.035(2) If the property or any part of it is concealed in a building or enclosure, the sheriff shall publicly demand delivery of the property. If the property is not delivered and if the order awarding possession so directs, the sheriff shall cause the building or enclosure to be broken open and take possession of the property. This does not mean that the Sheriff's Office will "break down" the door. It is the responsibility of the plaintiff to provide a locksmith.

As soon as possible after taking possession of the property, the sheriff shall release the property to the plaintiff, unless before the release the defendant has given a redelivery bond to the sheriff or filed the bond with the court and notified the sheriff.