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Sex Offenders F.A.Q.

Why did the offender get so little time?

Sex offenders in Washington State are sentenced to more time and serve more time than almost any other state. They must serve a minimum of 80% of their prison sentence. They then serve the remainder of their sentence in the community, this is called community supervision. As part of community supervision they report to a community corrections officer. They also have specific conditions placed on them while under supervision. Conditions may include no contact with the victim(s) or witnesses, no contact with minors, not to be at any school or playground or other place where children congregate, no use of alcohol or drugs, attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, maintain sex offender treatment. Conditions may even include geographic boundaries to further protect former victims.

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Why is the offender living in my neighborhood?

The sheriff's office cannot place any restrictions on where an offender lives in any community. As a part of the offenders release they submit a release plan that is reviewed by the department of corrections prior to the offender's release. The plan may be declined if the offender's residence would be considered a risk to the community based on the offender's victim range. While you may not be happy about an offender living in your area it is important to realize that at least you are aware of this offender. There may be other individuals who have never been caught and continue to offend in the community. The best defense you can have is being educated in how to protect yourself and your family members from being victimized by anyone.

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When is the sheriff's office going to move the offender out of my neighborhood?

The sheriff's office lacks any authority in forcing an offender to move from one location to another. The sheriff's office is granted the authority to give community notification about specific offenders considered a moderate or high risk to the community. The sheriff's office also verifies that all sex offenders are living where they are registered. We actively seek out those offenders who fail to register or fail to make proper notification of an address change.

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How often do sex offenders really re-offend?

Studies indicate that approximately 5% of treated sex offenders re-offend in a sexual way. Approximately 7% of untreated sex offenders re-offend in a sexual way. Approximately 8% re-offend in a non-sexual, non-violent way. Approximately 3% re-offend in a non-sexual violent way. Approximately 77% have no new offenses at all.

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Are you going to tell us if the offender moves out of this neighborhood, so we don't have to worry anymore?

We will not be contacting the public if this offender moves to another location. Offenders move on a regular basis and it would present difficulties in providing this information. You should take appropriate actions be safe and remain educated about sex offenders to protect you from all offenders, whether you know where they live or not.

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What do I tell my children about this offender?

Don't tell them the scary details about the crimes. Keep information general, as it may protect them from others who would harm them. The goal is that your child is educated about being safe from everyone including strangers, acquaintances or family members who would victimize them.

Here are some basic do's and don't regarding your child's safety.

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Now that I know a sex offender lives in my neighborhood, what should I do differently to protect myself and my family?

Whether or not a sex offender lives in your neighborhood you should educate yourself and your family in safety concerns. This is a time to reinforce family safety planning and specific concerns about strangers and this offender.

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Why do some offenders not have release conditions?

All offenders are only bound by conditions of supervision while they are on active supervision by the department of corrections, juvenile rehabilitation administration (parole), or their probation officer. After completing active supervision the offender's only requirement may be that of continuing to register as a sex offender as required by law.

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How can I get information on other offenders?

Information regarding Level 2 and Level 3 Sex Offenders living in Douglas County is available on this website. Information regarding Level 2 and Level 3 Sex Offenders living outside Douglas County is available at the Washington Association of Sheriff's and Police Chief's Sex Offender Information website. Additional information regarding Level 1 Offenders living in Douglas County is available at the Douglas County Sheriff's Office in East Wenatchee. There may be restrictions on the information available to you based primarily on where the offender lives in relation to your home. You can request additional information by contacting our records staff or Detective Sgt. Steve Groseclose at (509) 884-0941 during normal business hours.

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How can I report suspicious activity by an offender?

If the situation is an emergency, you should report by calling our emergency dispatch center 911. If the situation is not an emergency you can report by calling (509) 884-1535 or (800) 452-1732.

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