The Douglas County Sheriff's Auxiliary/CrimAuxiliary Vehiclee Prevention Unit is a volunteer, non-commissioned unit serving in a support capacity, providing extra year-round patrols in communities, and residence checks while homeowners are away. While performing a residence check, the Auxiliary will check the exterior of the home for open windows, doors, or any other signs of activity.

ResponsibilitiesSpecial Operations Center

Although they do not enter buildings or homes, a patrol deputy will be dispatched to continue the investigation if something is found suspicious. These checks will not guarantee the security of your premises. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office, or its personnel, hold no liability for any damage(s) during your absence. 

Completed Forms

We normally only check unoccupied houses and we must have a completed House Check Form (PDF) in order to conduct routine security checks. Once completed these forms may be mailed to the Sheriff's Office. Please note, only complete and signed forms will be accepted. Once you have completed your travel you are requested to call the Sheriff's Office at 509-884-0941 and advise us of your return.

Service Cost

These services are available to all Douglas County residents, and because it is performed by volunteers, the program costs Douglas County virtually nothing. There are however vehicle and equipment costs so although not expected, donations are accepted to further fund the activities of this program.

Portable Speed Radar

When requested, the Auxiliary Unit assists by positioning and operating a portable radar display in areas known for fast drivers. The radar board displays to the driver their speed as they pass by. Not only does this allow patrol deputies to work higher- priority assignments, it also makes the driver aware of their vehicle speed. Once vehicle data is recorded and reviewed, a patrol deputy may be sent to enforce the speed limit.

Other Operations

Auxiliary members find the program an excellent opportunity to serve the community. This is truly a win-win program for Douglas County and those who serve. In addition to providing House-Watch security checks and radar board operations, the Auxiliary Unit also assists with:

  • Community patrols
  • Neighborhood watch programs
  • Planned events
  • Search and Rescue operations
  • Special Operations Center (SOC) Command Unit operations
  • Traffic control

Areas Serviced

The Auxiliary unit serves the Waterville, Orondo, Rock Island and East Wenatchee areas; however; House-Watch checks are accepted for the northern portion of Douglas County and are assigned to Patrol units working this area.

As you make travel arrangements, please don't forget to take measures to reduce your vulnerability to crime and/or wildfire.

Become an Auxiliary Member

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Auxiliary member, please call 509-884-0941 during normal business hours and fill out the Volunteer Application (PDF). Applications must be complete and signed. Your signature is an authorization to complete a full Criminal-History check. A copy of your Driver's License must be attached. Applications can be mailed to the Sheriff's Office at the address below.


If you have any questions about the Auxiliary program, please contact the Sheriff's office at 509-884-0941.