Timeline of Application, Participant Registration & Cleanup Processes

Application Process

  1. Application sent from the Primary Group Coordinator (via mail, email, online submittal) to Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator.
  2. Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator then:
    • Ensures route is not already adopted and there are no pending applications for route.
    • If route meets above criteria, Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator forwards application to Traffic Safety Engineer.
    • If route does not pass above criteria, Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator will contact applicant to discuss available options.
  3. Traffic Safety Engineer reviews each route at each application period to ensure route is still appropriate for the program (average daily traffic, speed limit, adequate sight distance, etc.)
  4. If Traffic Safety Engineer deems the route is appropriate for the program, Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator prepares orientation packet and mails to Primary Group Coordinator. The Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator will follow up with the Primary Coordinator to answer questions and provide any other assistance needed to ensure group has completed the Group Agreement and Registered Group Enrollment Form.

Participant Registration Process

  1. Once a group has officially adopted a route, anyone who would like to participate in cleanup events on behalf of the group must complete the Individual Participant Release Form and submit the completed form to the group's Primary Group Coordinator, who will then forward all completed release forms to the Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator.
  2. The Adopt-a-Road Coordinator will review the Individual Participant Release forms to ensure they are fully completed and will enter participant information into a volunteer tracking database.
  3. Once a volunteer has completed the form and it has been reviewed by the Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator, that participant will be cleared to perform cleanups on behalf of the Adopt-a-Road Program. The Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator will provide the Primary Group Coordinator with an updated Active Participant Roster each time a participant is added to or removed from the volunteer group.
  4. Individual Participant Release forms will need to be renewed on an annual basis. The Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator will coordinate a renewal process each January for all active participants.

Cleanup Process

  1. The Primary Group Coordinator or Secondary Group Coordinator shall contact the Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator two weeks in advance of the planned cleanup date to reserve safety kits and request an Active Participant Roster, which is a list of all the volunteers who have completed an Individual Participant Release Form and are approved to participate in the cleanup. Only volunteers listed on the Active Participant Roster are approved to participate in cleanups.
  2. The Group Coordinator picks up the safety kit(s) at the requested location on the scheduled date.
  3. On the day of the cleanup, the Group Coordinator is responsible for ensuring all participants are listed on the group's Active Participant Roster. Anyone not listed is not authorized to participate. The Group Coordinator is also responsible to ensure all approved participants sign the Work Day Release Form the day of the cleanup, before any work begins.
  4. Groups should conduct their cleanups following all Safety Rules and guidelines as spelled out in the Group Agreement.
  5. Within five days of the cleanup, the Group Coordinator should send to the Adopt-a-Road Program Coordinator the completed Work Day Release Form. The form can be sent via mail or scanned and sent via email.