NW Empire Ave - 34th St NW - 35th St NW

Project Data

Project Number:  County Road Project (CRP) 989
Project Length:  .25 mile
Construction Start: Spring 2023
Last Updated: September 29, 2022

For more information on this project please contact Douglas County Transportation at 509-884-7173.

Vicinity Map


Project Description

This Contract provides for the construction of “NW Empire Avenue 34th St NW – 35th St NW”, consisting of removal of structures and obstructions, removing chain link fence, roadway excavation and embankment, common borrow, catch basins, storm sewer, structure excavation class a incl. haul, structural earth wall, crushed surfacing, HMA, erosion control, permanent signing, illumination system, pavement marking, traffic control, sidewalk, concrete driveway, curb ramp, pedestrian barrier rail, mailbox supports, relocating chain link fence and other work. 

Project Status

The Call for Bids for this project is out for advertisement.  See the County webpage homepage, select the Government tab and then select Bids.

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  3. Plan Holders


In order to be placed on the plan holders list and enable us to forward addendums to you, after downloading plan documents please email Carol Hardie with your:

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