Countywide Spot Safety Improvements

Project Data

Project Number:  County Road Project (CRP) 1008
Project Length:  See Vicinity Map    
Construction Start:  February 13, 2023
Last Updated:  February 23, 2023

For additional information on this project, please contact Jessie King at 509-884-7173 or email him at

Bid Opening was October 17, 2022

Bid Comparisons

Vicinity Map


Project Description

This project consist of the installation of beam guardrail type 31 - 9 ft. long post, beam guardrail type 31 non-flared terminal, permanent signing, solar powered flashing LED stop sign, project temporary traffic control," and other work.

Project Status

This project was awarded to Petersen Brothers, Inc. from Sumner, WA .  Bid amount was $116,520.16.  Construction started on February 13, 2023 and is scheduled to be completed around the first of March.