Civil Cases

In addition to prosecuting adult and juvenile criminal offenses, the Prosecuting Attorney also serves as the civil attorney for Douglas County. The Prosecuting Attorney advises the Board of County Commissioners and the county's elected officials and departments on legal issues. They are also responsible for drafting contracts and other legal documents used to conduct the business of the county and approving the form of contracts sent to the county by other government agencies and private businesses.

Examples of Civil Cases

The Prosecuting Attorney brings civil cases on behalf of the county. Examples are cases enforcing building and zoning codes, cases involving condemnation of property to build or improve county roads, and the annual tax foreclosure action to collect delinquent property taxes.

Defense Against Civil Cases

The Prosecuting Attorney also defends civil cases brought against the county and the county's elected officials and employees. Examples are cases claiming personal injury or property damages, cases brought by former employees claiming wrongful termination of employment, and cases claiming that erroneous land-use decisions have been issued.

Risk Manager

In addition to statutory duties, the Prosecuting Attorney serves as the risk manager for the county, receiving and analyzing all claims received by the county, and working closely with the Washington Counties Risk Pool.