Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC)


The Douglas County SWAC and the Solid Waste Council meet:

  • 1 pm and 2 pm
  • The first Thursday of February and September
  • Douglas County Public Services Building
    140 19th Street NW
    East Wenatchee, WA 98802


Member Manual

Establishment & Responsibilities

The Douglas County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC), mandated under Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 70.95.165, is an on-going committee. Initially established to help prepare a solid waste management plan, the law defines duties that are much broader, "to assist in the development of programs and policies concerning solid waste handling and disposal and to review and comment upon proposed rules, policies or ordinances prior to their adoption." 

Each SWAC must have a minimum of nine members, representing a balance of interests including, but not limited to, citizens, public interest groups, business, the waste management industry, and local elected public officials. The SWAC is an advisory committee only. It makes recommendations to the participating jurisdictions, which will then make final decisions after considering those recommendations and other available information.

Douglas County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (DCCSWMP)

The SWAC is the focal point of the public involvement effort used in the development of the Douglas County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (DCCSWMP). The SWAC membership includes representatives from:

Primary Responsibilities Regarding the DCCSWMP
The primary responsibilities of the SWAC with regard to the DCCSWMP are to provide technical advice on the DCCSWMP development and to assist in the DCCSWMP adoption process. 

The SWAC will be participating in DCCSWMP preparation by:

  • Acting as a liaison to their constituencies
  • Assisting in the public involvement process
  • Defining goals of the DCCSWMP
  • Facilitating the public review process
  • Participating in public meetings
  • Providing input and comment on all issues covered by the DCCSWMP
  • Recommending the DCCSWMP for adoption by the participating jurisdictions
  • Reviewing draft chapters
  • Reviewing the preliminary draft, draft and final draft of the DCCSWMP

Meeting Summaries

To obtain a copy of the SWAC and Solid Waste Council (SWC) meeting summaries, call Douglas County Solid Waste at 509-888-0899, or email Solid Waste.