Technical Advisory Committees (TAC)

Many issues which come before the SWAC and Solid Waste Council will require recommendations beyond the expertise of the standing SWAC members. Therefore, the SWAC has created Technical Advisory Committees (TAC) to review and research specific issues that come before them. Specific TACs have been established for agriculture, business and industry, organics, public health and safety and waste reduction and recycling. 

Committee Makeup

Each TAC is represented by an appointed technical representative on the SWAC and is an integral part of the SWAC structure. Each TAC shall consist of a minimum of two members, one being the specific technical representative appointed, who serves as the TAC Chair, and at least one other person with specific expertise related to the issue. TACs shall carry out the review of an assigned issue and shall also initiate research, scoping, consultation, compliance and regulatory review when necessary.

Purpose & Responsibilities

TACs are to review and research the solid and hazardous waste issues referred to them by the SWAC. The TACs are to look at the issue solely on its technical merit and feasibility, and to gather all support information necessary to make a recommendation to the SWAC. It is not the responsibility of the TAC to look at the issue in terms of its political support, public acceptance or for the purpose of reflecting their own personal opinion. 

The purpose of TACs are to review and research the issue to determine the who, what, where, when, how and why, so that the SWAC and SWC can be informed and a factual recommendation can be made to the participating jurisdictions. TAC findings and/or recommendations shall be reported to the total SWAC. It will be the responsibility of SWAC to accept, modify or reject the findings and/or recommendations of the TACs.