File Documents Electronically

Screenshot of TrueFile's Log In Screen

Douglas County Superior Court Clerk's Office utilizes TrueFiling for electronic submission of documents. Please review the video provided by TrueFiling for steps on how to use the service. After clicking on the link, you will need to register prior to accessing the recording. 


There will be a $5 convenience fee for filing documents via TrueFiling (per bundle, not document).

If you are unable to find your document type when trying to upload documents you may call the Clerk's Office for assistance.

To access TrueFiling, use this link: TrueFiling Portal

We are unable to facilitate working copies to the Judge via TrueFiling. If you wish to have copies forwarded to Chambers you will need to pay for copies via Ncourt and attach your receipt to the form below.

Judge's copies are $0.50/page. A Clerk will call if there are any issues with the amount paid.

Please note: If you are filing a civil protection order, no fees should be assessed. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 509-745-8529.

Submit Working Copies to Judge

  1. Please include the bundle ID from TrueFiling so we are able to find the correct documents.

  2. Please list which documents you would like printed for Chambers.

  3. Upload a copy of your Ncourt receipt in order to have your documents printed for Chambers.

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