Office of Public Defense

The Douglas County Office of Public Defense serves as legal advisors to both felony adult and juvenile offenders who have cases pending in Douglas County. They do not do Douglas County District Court matters. They also provide advice to juvenile offenders who are looking at entering into a Diversion Contract with the Douglas County Juvenile Probation Department, as well as handling At Risk Youth Petitions (ARY).

Assignment of Attorneys

To obtain one of the Defenders to assist you with a case, you must qualify through the Douglas County Superior Court. Please contact the court at 509-745-8529 to inquire as to the process for qualifying for an attorney through the Office of Public Defense.  This office attempts to keep as many cases in house, but does occasionally have to conflict out cases, depending on co-defendants and/or victims.  

Process of Assignments

Once the court finds a Defendant qualifies for the services of a Public Defender, the court will inform the Office of Public Defense to assign a Public Defender to your case.   Once assigned, the Defender will begin the process of obtaining police reports relative to your case and any additional evidence available and will begin working the case, to include interviewing witness/victims. They will remain in contact with the Defendant as to the status of the case. 

Our Promise

The Douglas County office of Public Defense will continue to strive to provide professional services to each defendant.

Please note that this office is currently ONLY dealing with felony cases.  District Court cases have a different office and process.